About us

A hard-earned reputation

Honesty, Quality, Service, and Craftsmanship. These are the core values that guide our work at Land Young Foods each day. The continuous research, development, and innovation of our production and hygiene systems have built us an unparalleled track record for food safety and a loyal client base at home and abroad. Besides exporting tasty, healthful seafood worldwide, we give back to society through the volunteer work of our employees. This spirit of People First, Giving Back is part of the sustainable enterprise that we are




The best for you

At Land Young Foods, we like to challenge ourselves to exceed our partners’ expectations and delight our consumers with the freshest and safest seafood possible. Our seafood and light food are sold and trusted in North-America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. . Our products are sold to America, Europe and around the world. Our ambition is to expand from these 30 countries to bring our great flavors to even more customers around the globe