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R&D & Quality Control

Innovate to delight the customer
Quality First is the bedrock of everything we do. Thus we use the HACCP preventive food safety system to reduce and eliminate risks in our upstream and downstream supply chain that includes our suppliers, distributors and ourselves.
From the arrival and inspection of ingredients to processing, packaging, and shipping, every step is designed to lower, detect, and control risk.
Systems are only as good as the people that use them. Therefore we continuously invest in education and in-service training to further raise our staff’s technical competence and quality awareness, to assure that every item we ship is the safest and tastiest in its class. We believe that everything we do well can still be done better.
Therefore we constantly search for improvements in our processes and ingredients to enhance current products or create novel ones that pack maximum health benefits in flavors that delight.
But food science alone does not suffice; the art of food tasting has a role to play as well. Our in-house tasting panel samples every innovation and provides input for tweaking each recipe until we feel we are ready to surprise our customers with yet another new creation.